An Open Letter To Facebook Inc., Google, Snap Inc. and Twitter.

You’ve given the world a voice and made following
our heroes and idols easier than ever.

Yet now that we’re facing an unseen crisis, we want to
follow an entirely different group of people.

Instead we want to hear more from those who are giving their all to bring our lives back to normal. But with so much information going around it’s hard to tell who to turn to for the essential information and understanding of this complex situation.

The verified icon Verifiedis great for celebrities and no matter how welcome of a distraction they can be, they aren’t exactly essential at the moment.

That’s why we are suggesting an icon Essentialfor essential experts. For the people who have access to reliable information, who produce neutral and unbiased information and are at the forefront of fighting the virus. For those who need to be heard right now.

In other words, we want to follow Essential Influencers.

So, how about recognising and
verifying those we now need the most?

The global healthcare system should be
given a voice the world can hear.



As social media platforms are becoming an increasingly popular source of information regarding the virus and the pandemic, it is crucial that these platforms take an active role elevating reliable sources from the clutter and unwarranted expression.

Covid-19 will not be the last pandemic the humankind will experience, thus striving for a trustworthy system around the public health officials will serve as a long-lasting service to all.


Terveystalo is a listed company on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Terveystalo is the largest health care service company in Finland with net sales and network. The company offers versatile primary and secondary health care services for corporate and private customers and the public sector. The nationwide network covers 300 locations across Finland. The clinic network is complemented by 24/7 digital services.

In 2019, Terveystalo had approximately 1.2 million individual customers and approximately 3.7 million visits to a physician. Terveystalo employs some 13,000 health care professionals.

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